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Australia’s Bob [Catatonic] Katter

October 7, 2011

The headline for this article is meant to be ‘catatonic’ because that’s what the Australian Party personally induces. I for one am fed up with the number of politicians and ideologues like Cannedo Campbell-Soup, Annapolis Blighty, Pseudo-Lord Monckton, Bob Kattery, Tony Abottoir et al,  for no better purpose than putting their heads in the plentiful supply of sand we enjoy here, which at least muffles their recycle-unworthy rhetoric!

LONG-term political maverick Bob Katter, who had held the North Queensland seat of Kennedy since 1993, is a man creating his own story.

The story is the newly formed Australian Party and the chapters include opposition to deregulation, corporatisation, free trade and the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths.

He doesn’t understand why Australia should have higher interest rates than the rest of the world and he believes lowering the rate will bring down the Aussie dollar and promote better business conditions.

Former Noosa Shire councillor Bob Jarvis says he is on the same page as Katter and is running as the Australian Party candidate for the state seat of Noosa.

On Monday afternoon, after a press conference at Sunshine Plaza, Mr Katter made an impromptu visit to Mr Jarvis.

Sitting around a laminated table outside Mr Jarvis’s Tewantin fish and chip shop* the blue jean-clad party leader listened to Jeff Nuske and Mr Jarvis explain local issues while holding forth on his own convictions.

The last Fish and Chip shop owner to get into parliament was Pauline Hanson. So what is it about BJ’s Fish and Chips that makes him any different? Have we done a taste test yet?

Mr Katter is fast and furious. He’s not known as “the force from the north” for nothing and he’s ready to blast apart the two-party system.

He likens the two-party system to the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths. A system, he says, that doesn’t allow party line divergent views.

His own policies tap into the Greens, the LNP and Labor ideologies.

But he guarantees that elected Australian Party members will able to express their own views, even if they don’t agree with the party line.

He doesn’t believe in the sale of public assets.

“The corporatisation of Unitywater is just what they have done to get it ready for sale,” he said.

He doesn’t want cheap imports of fruit coming into Australia and opposes the abolition of tariffs and subsidies for agriculture.

Although he is often painted as redneck conservative, he turns a distinct shade of green when he quotes from Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and wants to make the world a healthier place through use of cleaner fuels.


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